Vital Tips To Opening Your Own Liquor Store

If you are thinking about opening a liquor store, whether you intend to rent an empty retail space or buy a store already operating, there are some things to consider first. By doing the research and taking your time, you can run a successful liquor store from the very beginning.

Know the Local Laws

You will need to get a license to be able to sell liquor, which means getting to know local laws and regulations. Make sure you are fully aware of what you can sell and when, as going against the laws could take away your liquor license. You should have a local alcohol trade bureau that gives all the information you need about opening a liquor store. Keep in mind that there are often local regulations about what days of the week you can sell liquor, as well as what hours you can sell it. There may be rules about not selling alcohol before or after a certain time of the day, as well as requiring asking for identification to be sure the person is old enough to purchase alcohol. Some cities and states even have laws about the types of alcohol you can sell.

Decide What to Sell in Your Store

Now that you know the laws about what you can sell, it is time to build up your inventory. Start with the basic types of beer and liquor, as well as plenty of other beverages. Not only do people shop for alcoholic beverages, but often pick up juice, soda, milk, and other beverages. You should also have a variety of snacks and food items, along with miscellaneous items. Some liquor stores stock pet food and treats, while others provide lottery tickets and scratchers. You should also have items like plastic cups, paper plates, plastic cutlery, and bags of ice for the convenience of your customers. Keep a close eye on the books to see which items sell well and which ones you should not re-stock when they sell out.

Think About Your Advertising Options

By this point, you are ready to start advertising your liquor store. Think about online and local advertising for the best results. Have excellent signage in front of your store that includes information about what you sell, items on clearance, and additional services you provide like check cashing or having an ATM machine. Online marketing includes a combination of utilizing social media, having a blog with updated posts, and reaching out to your potential customers.  

Visit a local liquor store, like Deer Park Deli or a similar location, for more examples on how a store should and can be run.

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