Order Juice Products From A New Supplier

Fresh-squeezed juice that has been pasteurized may become a staple that your cafe clients tend to order. If you have been purchasing juice products from independent retailers and often run out of supplies, purchasing concentrate in bulk and having it delivered to your establishment may make more sense to you. Feature an array of juices, which include everything from varieties that have been heavily strained to ones that contain bits of pulp.

Plan How the Juice Will Be Served

Large cartons of juice concentrate will aid you in preparing pitchers of juice that your waitstaff can use to serve guests. Buying single-serve cans or jugs that are ready for consumption may be a better approach if you tend to serve people who place their orders to go. Calculate how much juice you currently use on a monthly basis to come up with an estimate of how many ounces you will need.

Some suppliers will require you to purchase a minimum amount of products. If the ordering process isn't stringent and you can order as much or as little of the juice as you would like, find out if you will receive a discount if you purchase products in bulk.

You will be able to mix-and-match what you buy, and this could be helpful if you would like to introduce some new products, in hopes of acquiring more sales. Maybe, you could come up with a blended juice drink or a smoothie recipe and utilize a couple products, along with fresh fruit, to achieve the proposed product.

Contact a supplier to request a listing of the products that are served, the delivery or shipping methods that are offered, and a brief overview on how products are manufactured. Order the products prior to using all of the juice that you currently have on hand. 

Feature the New Products

If some of the juice concentrate will be prepared to make new beverages that were not previously listed on your cafe's menu, make plans to have them added to it. Signage will also assist with informing your customers about the new additions.

You could offer an introductory special, which will allow a customer to receive free refills or their initial juice beverage for a discount price. Monitor how many sales you make and make adjustments to your next juice order, if you notice an influx of sales that will likely deplete your juice supplies in a shorter amount of time than originally projected. 

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Fresh-squeezed juice that has been pasteurized may become a staple that your cafe clients tend to order. If you have been purchasing juice products fr

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