Tasty Ways To Serve Buns At A Special Event

If you're planning a special event menu and are looking for some easy-to-eat food options, consider making buns the star of the show. When placed between a bun, many different food options become handheld treats. If you expect a large gathering, have the buns delivered directly to you from a wholesale retailer, which may end up saving you money as well. 

There are many different types of buns from which you can choose, such as classic hamburger and hot dog buns, Kaiser rolls, which feature a crusty exterior and a soft, chewy interior, ciabatta rolls, and even pretzel buns for when you looking for a creative twist. Buns are available plain or topped with different herbs, spices, seasonings, and even sesame seeds, so you can customize the flavor of the food you're serving.

When deciding on what type of buns to use on the big day, consider any of your guests' dietary concerns or food allergies. For example, make sure you have dairy-free buns for any vegans in the group and gluten-free options for those who need them. 

Main courses featuring buns will work for any type of event or special occasion, no matter how casual or fancy it is. Serve them up at kids' and adults' birthday parties, graduations and anniversary celebrations, holiday get-togethers with friends, family or co-workers, housewarmings, and family reunions. Here are some delicious ways to serve buns at your next party:

1. Backyard BBQ

If you're hosting an outdoor event, give it a "backyard BBQ" theme and serve traditional items such as grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, Italian sausages, and brats on buns. You can also grill portobello caps or soy-based meat alternatives for vegetarian guests. 

Provide all of the traditional condiments and toppings, as well as some creative options, such as sundried tomatoes and brie cheese. Butter the inside of the buns and grill them for an even tastier treat.

2. Mini Pizzas 

Use the buns, especially the ciabatta variety, as the base of mini pizzas. These are especially ideal for kids' birthdays, as they make a fun party activity as well. 

Set up the sliced buns, pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and desired toppings, such as cooked, crumbled Italian sausage, mini pepperoni, grilled or sauteed vegetables, and sliced black olives, on a buffet-style table. Guests can move down the table as they create their own customized pizzas, and then place them in toaster ovens at the end of the line.

For more information on why you should seek a buns delivery, contact a professional near you.

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If you're planning a special event menu and are looking for some easy-to-eat food options, consider making buns the star of the show. When placed betw

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