Ice Cream Specialties For A Children's Party

Ice cream is a tasty cool treat that can be served at a child's birthday party. If you will be planning a birthday bash for your youngster, consider adding the following dessert options to the menu that will be served during the event.

A Sundae Bar

The use of a sundae bar will allow your child and their friends to prepare their desserts according to their preferences. An ice cream supplier may feature several basic flavors and custom flavors that will be well-received by the party guests. First, consider shopping for chocolate, vanilla, and some other classic flavors. Next, select some ice cream products that contain candy pieces, sauces, and nuts.

A supplier may feature some other elements that can be used to enhance the desserts served via the sundae bar. For instance, a supplier may sell sprinkles, cherries, syrups, and whipped cream. A serving cart or a table can be used to support the ingredients that will comprise the sundae bar. Keep the children's ages in mind when deciding upon how the ice cream will be served. If the guests are young, you may need to purchase some ice cream scoops to aid with dishing out the ice cream to the children.

Banana Splits And Cones

Banana splits and ice cream cones are two popular dessert items that can be served at an indoor or outdoor event. A supplier may feature a mix of ice cream products that contain all-natural ingredients. Choose flavors that will be complementary to the bananas and cone styles that you will be serving the guests. Upon purchasing the ice cream products, shop for fresh fruit and other ingredients that will provide the desserts with color and an appealing texture.

If you will be serving a lot of guests, you may want to set up an area for the desserts in advance. Preparing a menu that highlights the dessert options and the toppings will help your child and their friends choose the dessert item and toppings that they prefer.

If you decide to purchase large tubs of ice cream, allow the ice cream products to thaw before the party begins. Plastic tubs of ice cream usually contain a large volume of ice cream. Thawing out the ice cream will make it easy for you to scoop out the ice cream varieties that each child chooses. Use a standard scoop to prepare each dessert that a child requests.

For more information, reach out to an ice cream supplier.

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Ice cream is a tasty cool treat that can be served at a child's birthday party. If you will be planning a birthday bash for your youngster, consider a